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2 New Improv Classes This Summer in Seattle!

 Hello everyone, I'm now a retiree from Unexpected Productions (after 14 years) and am out on my own.  BLOOD SQUAD is still going dead and well.  More exciting coming up in the future. 

I'm holding my own improv classes this summer.  Details below!


SuperStar Summer Improv

It's going to be short and sweet because it's summertime.

hink of it as the concentrated like the venom of an Australian snake.  This class is designed for people who have some basic improv skills.


Week 1:  Move! Move! Move!


Are you the kind of improviser who finds your self standing around a lot and "reflecting"? 
While that can work (hardly ever) it is essential that an improviser move with purpose on stage and that you create a world that the audience can "see"! 

You will discover powerful tools that will help you keep the scene moving along, keep you safe during your fight scenes, and keep your audiences engaged and delighted!


Week 2:  I think that I shall love to see an improviser pretending to be a tree!


This week will focus again on how to create images the audience can see without being the lead character in the scene. 
Be ready to play goats, cows, forklifts, gas clouds, climate change, and so on. 

We will discover more practical skills for those wanting to advance in their improv careers.  Sometimes just chewing your cud is enough, knowing when is what makes the difference!


Week 3:  The Three E's (Energy, Excitement and Attack)


What you won't see:  2 improvisers sitting on blocks mumbling about corn futures (even in rhyming cuplets…oh wait this actually sounds kind of cool).

What you will see:  Improvisers ATTACKING the stage with performance ready energy and excitement!

Week 4:  Finding the "Improve" in Improv.


Okay so this week's title is disgusting.  This is a chance for you to integrate all that you have learned into a powerful skill set that you can take with you into auditions, on stage and into your corn futures Meetup group. 
We will also be addressing and eliminating habits that are keeping you from being an improv SUPERSTAR!


DATES:  Thursdays July 10, 17, 21, 31 7pm -10pm


WHERE:  Odd Duck Studio, 1214 10th Ave E. (Up on Capitol Hill folks – Across from the IHOP)


COST:  $200.00


Maximum # of students 10 (minimum # 5)


For more information call Michael White at (206) 947-8390 or email him at




Improv for Non-Actors (and aspiring actors!)
Class Description
You've seen it on stage and TV and have always wondered, "How do they do it?" 

Learn how to create scenes out of thin air using only your imagination!  
This class is for anyone who has wanted to step on stage to create characters who live funny and compelling lives!  

By playing short scenes and improv games, you will learn the fundamental skills that allow for awesome interaction with fellow students.  

You will also learn the joy of free-falling, spontaneous exchange, group creation and rapport building.  

This class will you give you a dynamic edge that you can carry with you into the "real" world, skill-sets that can enhance your work and your play.  

This class is only available to those ready to have a fantastic time!


Dates:  Saturday, July 5, 12, 19, 26  11:30am - 2:30pm.
Where:  Odd Duck Studio
             1214 10th Ave E
(On Capitol Hill in Seattle - Across from the IHOP on Madison.)
Cost:  $200.00 (Payments can be made by check or by credit card.  I take payments through PayPal).
Maximum # of students:  12      (minimum # 5)
Call Michael White at (206) 947-8390 for more information or email him at

Michael White has been teaching and performing improvisation in Seattle and around the world for over 12 years.  He is a former member of Unexpected Productions, Seattle's longest running theater company (, and a founding member of BLOOD SQUAD!  Seattle's best, (and only) teen-slasher/horror film improv troupe  (
Michael is also a certified and registered hypnotherapist ( and the founder of EFT Seattle, ( 
He has performed improv in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, London, Spokane, WA and Canada.

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