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Kiefer McNaughty

Countdown to SFIT: The Josh and Tamra Show

New York's The Josh and Tamra Show is improv with puppets! Josh Cohen who trained with the Jim Henson company, and Tamra Malaga will do a serious of hilarious and inventive two-person scenes, only one of those people will always be made out of felt. This will be Josh and Tamra's third visit to SFIT.

The Josh and Tamra Show is just one of the many groups that will be part of this year's Seattle Festival of Improv Theater. Find out more at

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Josh and Tamra performs Friday, 2/15 at 8:00pm at the Market Theater (home of Seattle TheaterSports) and Saturday 2/16 at 10:30 at the Historic University Theater (home of Jet City Improv)

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