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Mind States and Improv! March 10 & 11

Hey Pac Nortwest Improvisers!

I'm holding a two day intensive (March 10, 11 from noon to 3pm) at the Market Theater (Unexpected Productions/Theater Sports) called, "Mind State". It's a class designed to help an improviser of any level easily access their natural spontaneous state!

Spontaneity is the natural state that is often forgotten by people or taught out of them at an early age. It's an unconscious process that is the foundation of theatrical improvisation, without it, you ain't improvising!

Using the techniques of Hypnosis, NLP and EFT, students will learn how to quickly and easily get into a state that will allow them to perform improvised scenes seamlessly and from their natural power!

A sense of boundless energy and freedom, joyful calm, and unstoppable fun are the earmarks of a player performing spontaneously! Expect this and more from this class!

And it's 50 bucks for 6 hours of instruction!

Thanks for reading and if you want more information on hypnosis, EFT, etc., check out my website:

Michael White, instructor!
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